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The more you read. The more it adapts.


Instead of buying expensive books with big parts of non-used content, WiseReader offers modularity. A rich database of pieces of content to combine based on your needs. You can have several authors inside one book. Modularity is a revolutionary business model, where books switch to smartBlocks (pieces of contents).


Everyone can be an author. You can write pieces of content and teach people around the world about any subject. You can write comments and explanations and contribute to a better understanding of the learners.


It is very easy for the tutors to follow the progress of their students. They can know exactly what are the gaps of each one in their group. Working with smartBlocks (pieces of content) brings an easy way to detect and intervene.

Getting started

Choose a subject

Sign up for our app and choose what you want to learn. (In the picture you can see 'Microeconomics').

Start Reading

A smartBlock (Piece of content) is present to you.


You can read the comments or contribute by writing your own explanation.

Switch Content

If you do not understand the smartBlock you can switch and the platform will show another explanation from another author. You can jump to other parts of Microeconomics as well.


Whatever the author, the publisher, the most important thing is to understand the subject you want to learn. WiseReader brings modularity to help you learn!

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Getting Real

We are working to help students learn faster and better by providing modular contents. We aim to reach public in 2018 and get more students and authors. It's just the beginning.

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